The Greater Shediac Sewerage Commission was created by the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick on June 25, 1969, by Resolution 69-654, under section 7B of the “Water Act”. The original sewage system of the Commission was purchased from the Town of Shediac. Several extensions have been added to the system over the years.

The GSSC has an annual budget of approximately $ 3,6 million. The GSSC is responsible for the billing and collection of its user fees, and also for the operation and maintenance of the collection system and treatment facilities. We have a total of six employees, and are governed by a Board comprised of members appointed by participating municipalities and by the Minister of the Department of Environment and Local Government.

The collection system is a sanitary sewer system and not a combined system. It includes approximately 102 km of sewer main, over 1195 manholes, and 24 lift stations. The GSSC collects and treats 100% of the waste water.

The GSSC has two wastewater treatment facilities: a facility on Cap-Brulé Road and a facility in Scoudouc on Route 132, adjacent to the Scoudouc River. These two facilities are aerated lagoons and are subject to Certificates of Approval to Operate from the Department of Environment and Local Government of New Brunswick. The Cap-Brulé’s facility is also equipped with a system of effluent disinfection by ultraviolet light.